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Larry grew up on the streets of Miami, was on his own from an early age, and without a formal education his career prospects looked bleek. He took odd jobs to support himself and lived day to day merely trying to survive.
Despite his situation, Larry dreamed of success and was determined to find the right vehicle that would get him there. Eventually he decided that working for himself would be the only way to get ahead in life.
Larry had developed a knack for getting a hold of basic consumer merchandise at low costs, and then selling them to the public for a small profit. It wasn't much, but Larry was determined to turn this skill into a solid business. It became clear that in order to generate enough volume, he needed to show other people how to make money selling these products and put them into business for themselves by providing them with merchandise on a hand-shake.
Larry founded Scentura Creations in 1975 based on this simple concept. It has since become one of the largest wholesale perfume distributors in the world, turning over 100 people into millionaires in the process.

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Larry Hahn